HHC + HHCPO Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze with 25% HHC and 2% HHC-P-O is one of the classic varieties with a long tradition. This strain is gaining popularity for its distinctive earthy flavour, which is masterfully balanced with sweet citrus nuances. The great combination of these flavours offers users not only a pleasant taste experience, but also a unique effect that is typical of Amnesia Haze.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

What are the differences between them?

HHC-P-O has very similar effects to HHC or THC. Both help relieve pain, stress and anxiety and induce a long-lasting feeling of euphoria and calm. Unlike HHC, however, HHC-P-O has much more intense and longer-lasting effects. There is still not a large body of research on HHC-P-O, so extra caution should be taken when taking it. It is possible that long-term use of HHC-P-O will develop a higher tolerance to other cannabinoids. It is essential to verify the quality and origin of the product before purchasing to ensure an optimal experience.

HHC + HHCPO Amnesia Haze

Euphoria Dose

Helps kick-start the creative side of the personality, delivering a quick dose of euphoria and helping to stimulate the appetite.
HHC + HHCPO Amnesia Haze

A calm mind

Amnesia Haze is ideal for improving mood, relieving daily stress, anxiety. It also helps fight insomnia.
HHC + HHCPO Amnesia Haze

Delicious taste

Amnesia Haze prides itself on its harmonious combination of flavours. Strong earthy and sweet with touches of citrus adds a new level to the experience.

Ask your retailer for quality products with HHC and HHC-P like ours.

Specifications / Ingredients

HHCPO content: 2%

HHC content: 25%

THC content: <=0.2%

Country of origin: Czech Republic


Additional parameters

Category: HHC-P Flowers
Warranty: Dle data na obalu
Obsah HHCPO: 2%
Obsah HHC: 25%
Obsah THC: ≤0,2%

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