THCP PRE-ROLLS indoor joint

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Pre-packed with +/-1.2g joints with 10-14% THCP extract for deep relaxation. Relaxes the mind, reduces stress. Ideal for comfortable use of cannabis products.

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Want to make your job easier?

We all know it, sometimes we just don't have the mood and energy to pack our own joints. We've already introduced you to our CBD and HHC PRE-ROLLS and now it's time to introduce something for the true foodies.

THCP PRE-ROLLS indoor joint

Let's ROLL!

Pre-packaged +/- 1.2 gram joints made from the finest hemp solids enriched with 10-14% high quality THCP extract. THCP joints help to relax the mind, reduce stress and induce pleasant, relaxing states thanks to their ethereal effects. They are ideal for those looking for another convenient way to enjoy cannabis products.

THCP PRE-ROLLS indoor joint

The effects of THC-P

Helps calm the mind from unwanted stress and anxiety. It adds a nice dose of euphoria that makes you say goodbye to the unpleasant moods and sadness that none of us can avoid at times. As far as pain is concerned, THC-P works as a powerful remedy against muscle pain, inflammation, unpleasant cramps and it is also great for chronic pain of any kind. On top of that, it greatly improves sleep quality and helps with nausea.

Differences between THC and THC-P?

Although the effect of the cannabinoid is similar to THC, its effects have a slower but smoother onset with a prolonged effect. You can enjoy a gradual dose of relaxation and relaxation that is guaranteed to last all day. Even with this cannabinoid, however, caution and discretion in dosing is important.

It is also essential to verify the quality and origin of the product before purchasing to ensure an optimal and safe experience.

THCP PRE-ROLLS indoor joint

Attention beginners!

Warning especially for beginners of THC-P (THCP) cannabinoid - it is reported that THCP is up to 30 times more potent than its relative cannabinoid THC. Research is not that far off, but we would be more cautious in claiming that THCP is that much more effective. However, we would also be very cautious at the point of first testing the effects of THCP products. In particular, it is a slow onset of action that only begins at maximum strength after 1-2 hours. This is to prevent the eager user from accidentally getting into an uncomfortable situation where they overuse THCP products in anticipation of an effect after a few minutes.

Read more in our blog.

Ask your retailer for quality THC-P products like ours.

Specifications / Ingredients

WARNING: All tobacco products, accessories and e-cigarettes we offer are not sold to anyone under the age of 18. We comply with the conditions of the law number 379/2005 Coll. on the prohibition of the sale of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and their accessories to minors. Any product that imitates the function of a tobacco product or tobacco paraphernalia, including accessories for such products, may be purchased after the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women, active or professional drivers, or workers on heavy machinery. Do not perform any action that could lead to your injury or endanger other persons. Store in a dry and dark place at temperatures below 25°. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Minimum shelf life until the date stated on the packaging.

This product is sold only as a promotional, tourist or collector's souvenir.

By purchasing the product, the customer confirms this.

No sale to under 18 years of age.

Weight: 1,2 - 1,4g


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