HHC Spray Basic 5 ml - 165 mg HHC

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HHC Spray Basic is a revolutionary innovation in absorption. A special form of emulsion that guarantees extremely fast and up to 4 times higher absorption of HHC. Simply squeeze and apply to the skin or directly into the mouth. All this is complemented by a pleasant lime flavour that takes the use to the next level. The spray will relieve stress, relax your body and whet your appetite. It can also relieve pain

Ideal companion for a party or a party.

One pack of HHC Spray Basic is enough for 5-6 people for a whole evening of fun and relaxation.

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Product detailed description

HHC Spray Basic

HHC Spray Basic contains 165 mg of HHC and is produced using emulsion technology, which gives this product exceptional absorption properties.

Be the Life of the Party

One bottle of HHC Spray Basic is enough for 5-6 people for an entire evening of fun and relaxation.
HHC Spray Basic 5 ml - 165 mg HHC

Party Mood

You're headed to a party, but you're not in the right mood, and you don't want to miss out? HHC Spray will give you the right dose of energy and euphoria for the whole night.
HHC Spray Basic 5 ml - 165 mg HHC

Mood Boost

Not only will it help you become the king of parties, but it will also improve your mood, reduce stress, and stimulate your appetite. After all, what's a party without delicious food?
HHC Spray Basic 5 ml - 165 mg HHC

Intense Flavor

We've all been there—lots of people on the dance floor, and you're bound to break a sweat. Not anymore! The intense and refreshing lime flavor will give you the energy to dance all night.

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Content: 165 mg HHC, lemon oil, Neobee, patented formula

Volume: 5 ml

Note: The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Store out of reach of children. Not intended for children under 3 years, pregnant and nursing women. HHC is not a psychoactive substance, and its use is legal. It does not contain . Store in a dry and dark place at temperatures up to 25°C. Protect from sunlight and freezing. Minimum durability until the date stated on the packaging.

The product is sold solely as a promotional, tourist, or collectible souvenir.

By purchasing the product, the customer confirms the following:

Prohibition of sale to individuals under 18 years of age.


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Category: HHC Sprays
Warranty: Dle data na obalu
Obsah HHC: 165 mg
Obsah THC: 0%
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